3D Studio Max Skinning Tool inside Maya

When i started rigging in Maya, i found the way of weighting, using mainly painting tools, a little weird in some cases. It was quite annoying to weight some vertices in fast and accurate way. So i decided to develop a tool that emulates the weigting tool that is available in 3D Studio Max.

Using this tool, it is quite easy to set, scale, add or substract a small amount of influences from a pool of vertices with just a couple of mouse clicks. I found it astonishingly fast weighting fingers, lips, eyelids, and generally, places where i want the weight to be decreasing following loops or rings.


It has been developed using Python and PySide with custom Widgets ( for every row in the list of joint influences ). I have also added the possibility of Live Update the scene while user modifies influences using sliders shown in the picture, thought this option might become slow depending on the number of vertices being modified.

Anyone interested in using it, just give me a little whistle!!



2 thoughts to “3D Studio Max Skinning Tool inside Maya”

  1. Hey Gorka,

    I’ve been looking for a tool like this ever since I tried weight-painting in Modo. It looks very similar to how you do it in Modo.
    I want to switch back to Maya because I find the UI much better.
    Can you please let me know if I can use this tool?


    1. Hey Nick, i will create a public repo to host the tool. Anyway, it was developed for a previous version of Maya which means that it won’t work for newers versions of Maya unless some fix is done (Not difficult ones). i will answer again asap the tool is uploaded.

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