Image Warping

Morning all:

During the last week i was reading a while about Image Warping. Here is a pdf file from the MIT. The basic idea is to have a function that applied to the pixels of an Image, distort them. This technique could be used for several things. For instance, apply a distortion to an Image which is going to be projected and blending with another ones.

I have develop a little prototype using WebGL, specifically the framework Babylonjs. Also, at the end i have used Catmull Rom curves trying to avoid the non-local distortions that would arise when using other kind of curves.

Hope you like it ^^

Flight of Dragons

Hi all:
I am writing this just to tell you all that i´m still alive, hahaha .



This song is a cover i made of one of the tracks of the wonderful original soundtrack of  also wonderful the movie The Flight of Dragons, which i watched when i was young. It made me desire to be wise, and also made me believe in magic, so i thought it´s a good idea to share it with all of you.



Hi all:

Last weekend while navigating through a couple of prop rigs i did some time ago, i realized that wherever i need to make an object auto-rotate properly, i use expressions all the time in order do the math stuff. For instance, storing previous world space positions and previous rotations. So finally i decided to spend my saturday morning developing a custom node to do the job.

Here is the result:

autoRotate is a C++ custom Autodesk Maya MPxNode that calculates the rotation in degrees based on world space delta movement, radius, global scale and movement axis.
Although simple i found out that it is really useful in several situations as the ones shown in the examples. Moreover, it simplifies the setup and avoid the use of expressions.

Hope you like it!!


collisionDeformer is a Maya custom deformer that allows you to deform a geometry based on collisions with other geometries. The collision computation is done in several steps:

Firstly the vertex that are supposed to collide are repositioned. Secondly, based on maximum reposition distances and several input parameters vertices around collision are also repositioned trying to maintain the total volume of the mesh.

Although under development yet, results and degree of control are quite good.

Hope you like it!


During this weekend i had some time to finish the customLocator node in Autodesk Maya. This node allows the user to draw some predefined shapes in OpenGL: Circle, Cube, Disc, Locator, Arrow and Cone.

The node contains some useful parameters that change the way OpenGL will draw the shapes. For instance, Colors, XRay, Fade based on Distance.

See you soon ^^

meshControl Custom Locator

Ladies and Gentlemens, i introduce you meshControl: a custom Locator for Autodesk Maya, developed in C++, that draws a list of faces of a geometry in the viewport 3D using OpenGL. The node has some useful parameters to modify the way OpenGL will paint the geometry, such as selected Color, unselected Color, XRay, Fade based on Distance. Moreover, a custom Tool has been developed to make easier the process of creation, modification and search of the Locators.

♥  Hope you like it!!

Comienzos 2017

Hola a tod@s:

Hace tiempo que no escribo, y es que en verdad he estado bastante liado, con mudanzas, con grabaciones, e intentando disfrutar la vida. Hace varios meses ya entré a formar parte del departamento de Tools en Ilion Animation Studios. Los cambios, la mudanza a Madrid, todo ha sido bastante caótico inicialmente y ha llevado bastante tiempo.

Asimismo, he estado grabando lo que son ya 2 cursos online para la nueva plataforma de Computer Graphics PlanetaCG. Estos dos cursos hablan de programación en Maya usando Python. A día de hoy, solamente el primero de ellos, Introducción a Python en Maya está disponible (El segundo de la serie está editándose en estos momentos). Siguiendo los 2 cursos, en mi opinión, se comienza en un nivel de conocimiento 0, para llegar a un nivel de conocimiento medianamente avanzado en lo que puede ser la programación en Maya usando Python.

Me despido citando a Kintaro Oe:

“Aprendo Aprendo Aprendo”

Maya Rigging Tools Reel 2016

As most of you already know, during the last months I have been studying Rigging and Tools developing in Maya full-time. This is the result. There are several Rigs and Tools that haven’t been included in this Demo. Nevertheless, I will try to post about them as soon as possible. Enjoy ^^.

Click as much as you want!! It does nothing!!