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Hi all

During the last months, i have been developing an integration of Oculus Rift with Blender, which has been named MPX project, from Mouse, Pen and XR. Together with Daniel Martinez Lara, we are trying to test VR capabilities inside Blender, from an artistic poing of view. Watch the video for more info 😉

Hope you like it ^^

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  1. Hello!
    I’m the animation director at ED Films ( We’re really interested in your Project MPX. I’m super excited about a VR workflow in blender, especially with animation. We’ve been working on some in-house software for VR animation using game engines (unity, unreal), but Blender looks like a much better route for us, if the VR implementation can work. Do you need alpha testers? Maybe we can even help you with development. I’m an amateur coder, but I’m attempting to become more of an animation TD and learn a lot about scripting and tool creation. I’ve learned a lot about UI in VR, and use VR software such as Medium and Tvori all the time myself.
    Please get in touch, I can’t wait to use this tool in the future!

    1. Hi Eric. Glad to hear MPX project got your attention. I have stopped working on this project at the moment. Blender announced an OpenXR implementation in Blender as part of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2019, so i decided to stop working on it, at least until the project finishes. The current implementation remains in a private repo. Let’s see what happens in a couple of months. Next is a link to the Blender GSoC project.


      1. So seeing as the current VR implementation for Blender is minimal… Is there any chance MPX will see public release in any form?

  2. Good afternoon Jose.
    So sorry to repeat the same answer, but my work on this project finished last year. As Dani says in the video, the implementation is just a proof of concept, its far than ready for a production. Anyway, the code is open in my github if you want to have a look at it.

  3. Really nice!

    if you are having trouble with realtime simulation + openXR take a look at the UPBGE fork
    (we keep in sync with blender prototyping branch)

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