some works .2 are coming!!


I have been spending my free time for the last months in order to improve some 3D skills, like morphing, composite, some particle simulations, and so on. In that time, i have started some little personal projects, that i have been compiling into a pseudo-demoreel. Now, i have works enough to fill a 2 minutes video, and … it’s about to be finished!! wooow!!. Only some days to refine a couple of details. However, i want to share the next funny renders.

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hello world!

After some time thinking about it, and with some tests in other online services, i have decided to start this new blog. i’m going to write about ‘Computer Graphics’. I don’t dare to specify more deeply.
Without further ado, ‘Hello World!’ to all people that visit the blog to take a look.

Después de un tiempo dándole vueltas, y habiendo intentado llevar a cabo varios intentos en otros servicios online, he decidido comenzar este nuevo blog. Se hablará acerca de ‘Gráficos por computador’. No me atrevo a especificar más.

Sin más preámbulos, doy la bienvenida con el ‘Hello World!!’ a todo el que entre a echar un vistazo.

bb ^^