skinning and vertex groups normalizing in Blender

The last weeks, i have been skinning some characters inside Blender 3D. In order to do it correctly, i’ve created some ‘vertex group’, that i use along with the ‘mask’ modifier to hide some parts of the mesh. it makes the job easier.

After skinning, i exported characters to display in a game engine, and therein lies the problem. The normalizing of the influences is not correct. In Blender, ‘vertex group’ that we use with ‘armature’, they mix with all ‘vertex group’ we create to do something else, so, when we normalize the influence, Blender takes this ‘vertex group’ in account, and the calculation is incorrect. The consecuence of this is simply a bad deformation inside the external game engine.

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some works

Some months ago i finished an online course about ‘Advanced Rigging’ in Animum 3D School. I have to be greatful to Iker J. de los Mozos, the teacher, because his patient and perseverance. I’ve learned a lot of things, and i continue learning now.

The following video was made in the half of the course. I show a complete human rig, foot-roll, bone based deformations and some 3d models. There are still several things we did in course to show: bone based facial rig, morph based facial rig, improvements in deformation via skin-morphs, mechanic rig …

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hello world!

After some time thinking about it, and with some tests in other online services, i have decided to start this new blog. i’m going to write about ‘Computer Graphics’. I don’t dare to specify more deeply.
Without further ado, ‘Hello World!’ to all people that visit the blog to take a look.

Después de un tiempo dándole vueltas, y habiendo intentado llevar a cabo varios intentos en otros servicios online, he decidido comenzar este nuevo blog. Se hablará acerca de ‘Gráficos por computador’. No me atrevo a especificar más.

Sin más preámbulos, doy la bienvenida con el ‘Hello World!!’ a todo el que entre a echar un vistazo.

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