some render tests inside Blender


During this weekend, i have been rendering some test with several raytracers. my aid was to decide in favor of one, to work with Blender. I have test Octane, Cycles, Indigo, and also i have watched some ‘Andrew Price’ tutorials to understand the way he works with Blender ‘Compositor’.

Octane, althought it has not same options as Indigo, it’s fast, ease-to-use, and i have achieved good results. About Cycles, i like the way of working, and i find it really easy-to-use. The development continues, and i think is a really good choice. Indigo is powerful, even RT version don’t have some options i like to work with, and i can’t afford the prize for now, xD. Blender Internal, after looking the results of some Blender artists, his flexibility, and the compositor power, in my opinion it’s a wonderful choice for the most cases. The renders i’ve maden with Blender internal, they are result of ‘Andrew Price’ ‘BlenderGuru’ tutorials

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