After a titanic fight againts dark forces, RapidSelection is finally published and available in the Asset Store ( hahahaha ). Simple yet usefull.

Link to Asset Store



RapidSelection is a Unity Editor extension that allow users to manage selections in an intuitive way. By using the same editor styles built-in windows use, and tracking keyboard and mouse events, make Rapid Selection‘s workflow easy and straight.

At the end, the development process has been quite long. The first and second prototype was working exactly as this one, but i realized that the workflow was not intuitive. The user had to make a couple of mouse clicks just to have a selection saved. Moreover, the UI was not look like Unity UI. So finally i decided to go a little deeper and understand how IMGUI works, and try to imitate Unity UI.

I am very grateful to David Sevilla for the amazing work he did with the design of all the necessary images for the Store.